NH7600DR FI Series

NH7600DR FI Series

Nautilus Hyosung Monimax 7600DR Series

The drive up environment is easily the most challenging implementation for the self-service platform. Vehicle profile and driver skill are but two of the unique variables in this configuration.
Monimax 7600DR Rear Access
The Monimax 7600DR meets this challenge with a Nautilus Hyosung unique feature, a user adjusted tilting display.
These innovation, coupled with state of the art technology options for deposit processing, maximized capacities for dispensing, and a clean, compact user interface make the 7600DR the market leader for full function drive up performance.

Nautilus Hyosung 7600DR Comes Standard with:
• Drive-Up Access
• UL291 Vault
• 15.1″ Sunlight Viewable Touchscreen LCD
• 15″ TFT Supervisor Panel
• 6k Note (2x 3,000 Note Cassettes) CDU
• Heater Kit
• Electronic Lock
• EMV Dip Card Reader
• Thermal Receipt Printer
• Windows 7 Ready Core

Monimax 7600DR is designed with “customerization” in mind. The most deployment options, the fullest feature/function options in a robust secure platform. The 7600DR enables efficient service events enhanced by access by design, and quick deployments enabled by platform flexibility. All in one highly secure, reliable platform.

Market Strength Capabilities

The 7600DR supports a full range of personalization, advertising, and marketing options as well as end to end deposit automation implementations. An attention grabbing 15.1” color TFT with an adjustable tilt display supports these functions. As with all Nautilus Hyosung platforms, the modules are designed, engineered, manufactured and tested in house with 24/7 unattended self-service functionality as their design goal. This means the 7600DR is as reliable as it is functional – with a migration path for institutions with vision.


The 7600DR’s UL-291 Level 1 rated safe has been proven in the field time and again. Additional standard features like the EPP PIN shield add privacy for sensitive cardholder data entry – and the EPP itself provides you the ability to comply with PCI EPP requirements. Optional security cameras for surveillance allow you to protect both your customers and your cash assets at the ATM. Optional software and transactional security features are available.


Reliability derived from being the market leader in cash dispensing technology, and availability provided by high capacity modules, the 7600DR is the ideal self-service platform for weather facing exterior drive up deployments.


Nautilus Hyosung 7600DR Series ATM Machine

Comes Standard with

• Drive-Up Access
• UL291 Vault
• 15.1″ Sunlight Viewable Touchscreen LCD
• 15″ TFT Supervisor Panel
• 6k Note (2x 3,000 Note Cassettes) CDU
• Heater Kit
• Electronic Lock
• EMV Dip Card Reader
• Thermal Receipt Printer
• Windows 7 Ready Core

System Control
• Microsoft® Windows OS® platform
• Intel® processor
• NDC+, User Application
Customer Display
• 15″ color TFT LCD
• Sunlight readable
• Privacy filter
• Wireless X.25 capable
Input Type
• PCI EPP (Encrypting PIN pad)
• ADA compliant
Supervisor Operation
• 15” TFT color LCD, touch screen
Card Handling
• EMV Dip card reader
• Optional Anti-skimming
Cash Dispensing
• 3,000-note cassettes, Up to four cassettes
• Bundle retraction
• Automatic shutter
Depository Options
• Envelope depository
• Cash and Check Insertion Module (CCiM)
• 3.1” graphical thermal receipt printer
• 5,000 transaction receipt printer
• Electronic journal
• UL291 Level 1 safe
• Optional Electronic safe lock (7600DR standard)
• KABA Mas Cencon safe lock
• Security camera
• Lead-through indicator
• Optional Heater (7600DS standard)
Power Supply • AC 110–240V, 50–60 Hz
• Back-up battery
Operating Environment
• Temperature: -31ºF–104ºF
• Humidity: 25%–85%
Dimension and Weight
• 7600DR
• Height: 69.3″ (1,760 mm)
• Width: 32.7″ (831 mm)
• Depth: 40.6″ (1,032 mm)
• Weight: 1,978 lbs (897 kg)